Surabhi Wheat Flour Manufacturers In Kerala, Best Rava for Upma in Kerala

Finest of finest

To produce the best atta for chapathi, the best maida and the best rava for upma the wheat and the wheat flour is subjected to several quality checks.

  • The grains are tested to ensure the specific variety and weight, the right moisture content and are also checked for impurities.
  • Testing is done to ensure the optimum protein and other nutrient content.
  • The preliminary cleaning ensures that the grains are free from dirt, stones and nails and are then segregated and stored according to the quality.

Surabhi Wheat Flour Manufacturers In Kerala, Best Rava for Upma in Kerala

Food and Safety Standards

  • Surabhi food products are produced by Premier Agro Products Pvt. Ltd which is operating under the new Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) License
  • Surabhi abides by Good Manufacturing Policy (GMP) and Good Hygiene Policy (GHP), compliance to a host of International food regulation and safety norms.
  • We also have an ISO 22000:2005 certification for Food Safety Management System by TUV NORD.

Premier Agro Products Private Limited’s in-house Laboratory, Research and Development wing is the focal point of the quality control system which analyses Surabhi’s samples from each stage of production line – Raw material Receipt, Cleaning, Milling, Packing and Delivery to keep multi level check on the quality of our product.


Our Products

Surabhi is a range of premium quality products which includes atta, maida and Rava. Each product is prepared from freshly selected wheat and processed in hygienic conditions.

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our Process

From the selection of raw materials to the packaging of finished products , surabhi follows a hygienic process. Quality checks are done in every steps to ensure the purity.

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