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The brand ‘Surabhi’ is a product of Premier Agro Products (PAPPL). Our experience in the flour milling process ensures consistent quality. “Surabhi” Maida, Rava and chakki Atta contain natural ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals necessary to provide 100% nutritional and a balanced diet.

We bring you fresh, nutritious and delicious quality wheat flours milled from the best locally grown wheat grains.

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 Best Chakki Atta in kerala , Maida,Rava,atta

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The Best

Parotta Maida

Everyone young and old loves to get a bite of the soft and delicious Parotta. Using the best parotta maida you can make yummy parottas that are also healthy.

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Surabhi food product manufacturers in kerala, Best chakki atta

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Surabhi Chakki fresh atta in kerala

Surabhi Chakki atta manufacturers in kerala

The Best

chakki Atta

Chapathi was a favourite dish in the Northern Part of India but today South Indians are also in love with this Indian flat bread. But soft and fluffy chappathis can be made only from the best chakki atta. Surabhi Atta is rich in nutrients and vitamins and clear of impurities and adulterants, which makes Surabhi Atta the best Chakki Atta.

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Surabhi wheat flour manufacturers in kerala,Chakki fresh atta

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The Best

Uppma Rava

Uppmas are one of the healthiest and easy to make dishes. Every childhood has seen uppma tiffins, in fact it is a regular dish in most of our government schools. The use of vegetables and the best uppma rava makes it a healthy recipe for children.

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Surabhi - Wheat Flour Manufacturers In Kerala, Best Rava for Upma

Surabhi best Kesari Rava, Best Rava for Upma in Kerala

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Benefits of Using Surabhi Flours

  • Consistency in quality and taste is our key selling point
  • Our flours are free from impurities and are nutritional
  • Our products have a longer shelf life so you don’t have to worry about wastage
  • The flours are manufactured in clean and hygienic conditions to ensure good health of customers
  • All our flours are available in stable and affordable prices

Surabhi benefits to the society

  • The wheat grains are regularly sourced from local farms which help them prosper
  • The milling unit follows a low energy consumption strategy
  • Our processes are environmental-friendly – We ensure minimum wastage and proper disposal of food wastes