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All Purpose Maida

The best quality Maida at Surabhi is produced by extracting the white part of the wheat grain and leaving off the brownish outer layer. It is then grinded and the flour is passed through a very thin mesh to obtain the All-purpose flour. The entire process of manufacturing Maida is carried out at Surabhi’s wheat processing unit in Kerala.

Surabhi All-purpose maida can be used for making all types of Indian breads such as naan, roti, puri etc and also for making bakery items such as cakes, biscuits, breads and buns.

Our prompt delivery and large scale production capacity has made us one of the top maida distributers in Kerala

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Best Atta for chapathi.surabhi Chakki fresh Atta in Kerala



Best Chakki Atta is prepared through the traditional stone grinding process. Surabhi atta is also manufactured through this method to produce finely grounded atta which is rich in protein and fibres. Surabhi atta is grounded from the best Palakkad wheat and is distributed through an efficient delivery system.

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We also produce good quality fine semolina (rava) at our wheat processing unit in Kerala. To preserve the natural goodness and the nutritional values, Surabhi Rava is manufactured through modern processes with advanced technology and packed through modern packing methods.

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Food and Safety Standards

  • We source high-quality wheat for making flours
  • Our products are manufactured in clean and hygienic conditions
  • The products go through stringent quality checks from grain selection to final flour testing
  • All wheat flour manufacturing processes adhere to International quality standards


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