Best Quality Rava for Tastiest Upma

Best Quality Rava for Tastiest Upma

Most of us love to eat Upma in breakfast or for tiffin. It is one of the popular home-made recipes that continue to win hearts of people- both young and old. The south-Indian vegetarian dish is widely eaten in parts of India and even abroad. We all enjoy eating Upma cooked by our moms. But have you ever thought of the recipe behind this delicious dish? Let us have a look…


  • At first a mid-sized onion, one or two green chillies, ½ inch ginger and some coriander leaves should be finely chopped.
  • About 10 curry leaves, about 10 cashews, 1 tsp of chana dal and 1 tsp urad dal should be taken.
  • Then the pan should be heated and a cup of Best Rava for Upma should be added.
  • The Best Rava for upma should be toasted and stirred from time to time.
  • The process should be continued until the Rava produces a fragrance and begins to separate in a dry and crispy form.
  • Heating should be stopped and the fried Rava must be collected in a plate.
  • Next, two table spoons of oil or ghee should be heated.
  • One tsp of mustard seeds should be fried in the oil till they produce a crackling sound.
  • Now, it is the time to add the cumin seeds, chana dal and urad dal and fry them till they turn brownish.
  • The cashews and dal should be added and fried till golden.
  • After that it is the time to saute the previously chopped onions till they become colorless.
  • The green chillies, ginger and curry leaves should then be sauted for some time.
  • About two-and-a-half cups of water and salt should be added to the mixture and cooked for a few minutes.
  • Sugar can also be added for taste.
  • The water should be heated at a medium to high flame until it starts rolling boiling.
  • The flame should then be lowered to the maximum limit and Best Rava for upma should be added in four or five steps.
  • In each step the Rava should be added and stirred.
  • The quick stirring makes the Rava to absorb water, mix and swell up.
  • Finally the Rava Upma should be covered and allowed to stir for approximately two minutes.
  • Mixing chopped coriander leaves can make the taste of Upma even greater.

It is best served with coconut chutney, lime pickle and lime slice. These days Upma is also served with ketchup.

Following the easy and simple steps mentioned above you can make this healthy and tasty dish within minutes. However, it should be kept in mind that the tastiest Upma can be made only by using Best Quality Rava. Great cooking skills and following the steps with any ordinary Rava are not enough. You need to get hold of the Best Rava for upma.