Want to lose weight? Follow a suitable diet-plan & a healthy lifestyle

Want to lose weight? Follow a suitable diet-plan & a healthy lifestyle

There are thousands of miracle tablets and easy fat burning medicines flooding the market with false claims of helping you shed weight in a couple of days. Anyone in their right mind can understand that it is impossible to cure obesity with miracle pills. Before you blindly run after these scams you need to learn about the cause of obesity.

Obesity is often caused due to irregular and unhealthy eating habits, and you can bring about a significant change in your body by following a healthier lifestyle. Age, gender, occupation, lifestyle and body type are some of the factors that you need to consider before adopting a diet plan or a workout routine.
All these factors influence your metabolic rates which are responsible for weight-loss. The trick here is to understand the way your body works and how it responds to various habits. You will need to follow a trial and error method to figure out which plan works well for you.

A balanced and well-planned calorie intake is the secret to maintaining a healthy body weight as it increases metabolism and enhances your fat-burning process. A healthy diet includes whole foods instead of processed and refined ones. Whole foods are free from preservatives, fats and sugars and rich in vitamins, fibres and omega-3-fatty acids and minerals. The nutrients in whole foods repair your digestive system enabling quick absorption and it rids your body of toxins.

Begin a healthy diet with Surabhi

Let’s start with early morning tea. You can have a cup of green tea with two biscuits. Biscuits that are rich in wheat can add more to your calorie. Or you can have bread or buns that are made from the best maida flour.

Breakfast is the one you should never avoid in a day, as it can boost your energy for the whole day. Nutrient-rich puri and vegetable kurma or idli or dosa with delicious coconut chutney, rava upma, can be included in your breakfast plan. Sooji and wheat flour from Surabhi foods ensure the supply of essential calorie to your body.

We Indians are crazy about rice, but it’s better to avoid having a lot of rice. You can have a cup of rice, and two chappati with a cup of vegetable salad. Include as many vegetables as you like as it can provide your body with a lot of vitamins. If you are a non-vegetarian and if you find it hard to take lunch without fish, you can have some fish curry, but it’s better you avoid fried fish.

After your tedious day, you can have a cup of hot tea to refresh yourself. Snacks like Vegetable Bread sandwich made from Surabhi wheat flour are the best option as wheat is a source of rich fibre content. If you are a person who can’t avoid sweets a day, you can have a piece of rava halwa made from high-quality Surabhi Rava.
And then for the dinner. Two chapattis with a cup of vegetable masala is the best option to conclude your diet. And make sure you drink a minimum 5 glasses of water a day.

A diet rich in healthy carbs and fibre is an excellent recipe for weight-loss. Choose food products from Surabhi and see the results for yourself.